Monday, June 21, 2010

Siemens Update Their Supply Chain Software

Barloworld CAST System to be Implemented Globally
Shipping News Feature

WORLDWIDE - Siemens AG, a household name globally and the worlds biggest supplier of eco friendly technology with revenues which exceed $75 billion were to be taken seriously when they decided to introduce a supply chain software system to manage the logistics of their five hundred plus distribution centres. Previously management has been at regional or national level so several products were tested and evaluated prior to a decision which would affect the throughput of all the company’s products.

A feasibility study was conducted from this January including the CAST software system from South African group Barloworld and now Siemens have made the decision to introduce CAST in a long term optimisation project which will run until 2014. Barloworld have support offices in the UK, South Africa, U.A.E, Spain, China, USA plus partners worldwide.

Barloworld Supply Chain Software will implement its CAST software for Siemens Industry globally for supply chain modelling, network design and optimisation. CAST is a powerful desktop based application to evaluate and identify different supply chain strategies, leading to cost savings and service improvements.

Karl-Heinz Butz, Head of Network Development (Global Warehouse Network) explained:

“The Siemens supply chain is multi-layered and complex. Following a discovery project last year, we took the decision to invest in a system which would help us to simplify our supply chain, carry out feasibility checks and model new parts of the network we were proposing.

“We believe that CAST will enable us to harmonise our processes by centralising the design of our supply chain and providing us with a roadmap to reduce cost and improve our service.”

Ewan French, Chief Operating Officer at Barloworld Supply Chain Software, added:

“The ability for Siemens to model its supply chain centrally will offer the opportunity to simplify what is an extremely complex network – and in doing so reduce cost. Businesses using CAST typically achieve a 10-15% saving on their supply chain costs through the application of network optimisation.”