Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Siemens Sign First New Global Logistics Warehousing Agreement

Schenker Appointed by Industry Leaders
Shipping News Feature

WORLDWIDE – A frame agreement has been signed between Siemens and DB Schenker regarding the warehousing of products following the decision by Siemens to rationalise its contract logistics on a global basis. Siemens’ aim is to focus in the future on a fewer number of preferred suppliers, with whom the basic conditions for warehousing have been previously agreed. DB Schenker is the first Contract Logistics provider to sign a master frame agreement with the electrical and electronic supply giant which seeks to employ a high quality, flexible and cost efficient worldwide warehousing network.

The global frame agreement covers a set of terms and conditions and will be effective for all Siemens business units globally. Initiation and closing of new contract logistics business will be handled under these defined conditions and will support the complete process. This contractual basis should enable faster and easier commercial negotiations and discussions of conditions as Siemens endeavours to optimise its global network. Robert Walpole, Senior Vice President for Contract Logistics, DB Schenker, said:

"This is a significant step in the development of our relationship and business basis. The Global Frame Agreement represents a clear commitment from both parties to work even more closely at a global level. This will allow us to provide more customer-focused solutions for the Siemens Warehousing Network.”

Photo: The Siemens all electric Smart Chopper motorcycle.