Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Shipping Valuable Cargo and Freight Such as Automobiles by Container Just Got Safer

Specifically Designed Platform Systems Can Make Damage in Transit a Thing of the Past
Shipping News Feature

UK – WORLDWIDE – One of the stand out features at this year’s Multimodal exhibition was the display by Guernsey based Levaton Platforms who demonstrated the company’s versatile loading platform designed specifically for shipping cars safely and efficiently whether by ISO container or any type of trailer. Sending automobiles, particularly valuable ones, as freight is a process fraught with difficulties.

Anyone who has tried to load a sizeable car inside a twenty foot box can attest to the near impossibility of ensuring that all strapping points are secured as fully as possible. Lack of space inside the container means scrabbling about underneath the vehicle whilst tyres are often deflated to reduce movement with subsequent damage to the integrity of their walls.

The Levaton system ensures maximum accessibility to all strapping points as this company video demonstrates. Only when the vehicle is securely strapped to the Levaton platform does it need to be loaded, by fork lift truck fitted with suitable extension or long forks into a shipping container, or via a crane with straps or chains affixed to the edges of the platform in situation where a trailer is employed.

The Levaton loading platforms are designed and fabricated in Guernsey and can be hired or purchased and also used as a simple loading ramp as well as a transfer system. The product has been endorsed by Huelin-Renouf, the Channel Islands shipping group whose Operations Director, Steve Champion-Smith described the system as ‘a major step forward in providing value added handling and protection to not only high end motor vehicles but a wide spectrum of cargoes that may be fragile or require a specific handling regime outside of the norm.’

From its Channel Island base cars have proved just a starting point for Levaton whose activities have now been expanded to include bespoke designs for pallets, constructed of various materials, to exactly fit the width of a standard box and with any length to suit the particular product. Max Carling, Levaton’s Managing Director commented:

“The new pallet designs mean a manufacturer can have customised equipment to suit a specific product, for example a motor cycle shipper may want a size meaning five pallets will completely fill a twenty foot container. We are processing requests from as far away as New Zealand for equipment tailored to load into containers in an effort to reduce damages and make the whole export process safer.”

Levaton are currently working on a completely new design of moveable trolley system to load the products of a major engine and generator manufacturer. The finished product will utilise a tricycle style undercarriage plus castors set at 90 degrees to enable freight to be lifted safely and transferred into a container before being lowered precisely. More details of this and other products being developed will be released as things progress.

To download a brochure for the Levaton Lifting Platform System click HERE.