Friday, February 12, 2010

Shipping Tanker Company Develop Oil Export Technology

Cleaner, Safer, Faster System for Export from Smaller Fields
Shipping News Feature

BERMUDA – NORWAY – This week saw an agreement signed between the Teekay Corporation, a midstream company who transport in excess of ten percent of the world’s seaborne oil, and Det Norske the second largest operating company on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. The new deal will see the two companies cooperate on the development of a patented programme to assist in advanced loading of tankers in difficult conditions from more marginal oil fields where export to vessels can prove notoriously awkward.

The Research and Development Programme for what is known as the Teekay FlexShuttle, will also involve funding from the Research Council of Norway with technical assistance from Ship Manoeuvring Simulator Centre A/S and Marine Cybernetics the software development company. The key to the system is a new type of vessel which uses directional electrical propellers’ to manoeuvre the ship precisely, even in difficult seas, and import the oil via the stern.

Teekay claim the FlexShuttle dynamic positioning system, mounted on the LNG powered ship will better answer the requirements of a shuttle tanker whilst reducing environmental pollution and proving extremely cost effective. Mr Stein Rynning, Senior Vice President at Teekay Shipping Norway AS said that the co-operation would further strengthen Teekay’s position as industry leaders and forerunners in research and development in the field.

Det Norske Vice President of Technology and Development Stein Fines said the project brought together four companies from different arenas and the work would make it economically viable to develop the more marginal fields on the Norwegian continental shelf, and also contribute to strengthening the Norwegian offshore industry.

Those interested in understanding more about the FlexShuttle project can look at a short film explaining the details here.