Thursday, December 10, 2009

Shipping Industry Launches New Information Website

Latest Move to Inform the Public on Freights Role
Shipping News Feature

GLOBAL – The international liner shipping industry under the auspices of the World Shipping Council (WSC), which is composed of the majority of the world’s major liner operators, has created a new website so as to further the public’s awareness of the crucial yet little-reported role that the industry plays in the world’s economy and how events that affect the sector have a direct effect upon the global financial situation.

Ron Widdows, Chairman of the WSC and Group President and CEO of shipping line Neptune Orient Line (NOL) says that: “Ocean carriers appreciate the importance of increasing awareness among the general public about the liner shipping industry, its importance to people's everyday lives, and the issues involved in improving maritime environmental quality and supply chain security.

“Over the last decade, the WSC has established itself as a respected source for information about the industry. Today's launch of the new website marks a significant step in our industry's efforts to expand the scope, content, and availability of information about the liner shipping industry.”

The site should also prove an invaluable tool for those involved in the freight business and industry-watchers with in depth analysis of previous year’s figures and trade data on the liner sector provided by IHS Global Insight, a recognized global leader in economic and financial analysis and forecasting. In addition, information on and links to members of the WSC are provided so as to give a thorough information source to anyone interested in the industry.

“We are pleased to undertake this initiative on behalf of the industry. The website will contain updated and expanded content as well as refer users to other helpful sources.

“Our goal is to ensure that someone seeking information about the industry is able to easily get what they need. The new website's design and content were developed with that goal in mind,” said Chris Koch, President and CEO of the World Shipping Council.