Monday, April 26, 2010

Shipping Container Missile Delivery System For Sale

A New and Deadly Development in the World of International Transport
Shipping News Feature

RUSSIA – ASIA – WORLDWIDE -Using the most advanced computer graphics a new video from the Concern Morinformsystem-Agat Joint Stock Company will leave any sane viewer chilled to the bone. We have often espoused the many uses of shipping containers from luxury housing to mobile aquariums but this latest adaptation is a nightmare for one and all. The Club-K is a cruise missile system in box.

Each 40 foot box carries up to four cruise missiles, all with potential nuclear capability. The manufacturer, NPO Novator, designers of the infamous SA-12 Gladiator SAM system, undoubtedly have the approval of the Russian authorities to market the product which can deliver a killing blow whilst loaded aboard a carrying vessel or freight truck.

The system was being touted at the Defence Services Asia exhibition running last week in Kuala Lumpur and international experts are deeply concerned that such a lethal delivery system is apparently on offer to anyone with the £10 million who is willing to buy each one.

The standard 40 foot shipping container makes it almost impossible to identify as a threat without careful inspection of each box. The general opinion of military commentators is that, had Saddam been in possession of the system, no invasion of Iraq could have been contemplated, the missiles being capable of sinking an aircraft carrier from over 200 miles away.

Russia has already been heavily criticised by the international community for putting sophisticated anti aircraft systems on the open market and now it is reported that the Club-K is being sold specifically for defence against American forces.

After various stories throughout the past year demonstrating the underhand tactics used by some states to smuggle weapons the thought of such a deadly cargo of munitions, specifically designed for surreptitious deployment will surely mean that international authorities, and indeed the wider shipping community, will have to be even more alert in the light of an ever increasing threat.

See the video here.