Thursday, January 28, 2010

Shipping Container Lifeboat Launcher Improves Safety At Sea

Nadiro And Fassmer Cooperate On Innovative Project
Shipping News Feature

DENMARK / GERMANY - German lifeboat manufacturer Fassmer has entered into a cooperation agreement with Nadiro, a subsidiary of Danish shipping giant Moller-Maersk, to combine their life boats with Nadiro’s new container-based launch system.

The new deal sees customers able to combine Fassmer lifeboats with Nadiro’s container protected launch system and their revolutionary Drop-In-Ball coupling system that offers much improved safety standards for crews needing to abandon ship by removing the conventional hooks used as standard to launch most lifeboats.

(For a demonstration video see here.)

The new agreement between the two companies is in expectation that safety regulations on such equipment will be tightened in the future and both are keen to be in a lead position to exploit any such changes.

“We expect to see changes in the industry due to new safety regulations and general demand for increased safety from seafarers. Even though we are very content with our current product portfolio, we always strive towards getting better and meeting new customer needs. If the Drop-In-Ball is the future, we want to be in the game from the beginning” said Fassmer Sales Manager Norbert Kotte.

For Esben Juul Sørensen, Managing Director of Nadiro, the agreement to integrate Fassmer’s lifeboats with their launcher technology is proof that there is a great deal of faith in the concept.

“Our customers expressed a wish for us to partner up with an experienced lifeboat manufacturer and therefore Fassmer was the natural choice,” he said.

“Nadiro is a newly founded company but the Drop-In-Ball and the enclosed launching system has received very positive attention from the industry. We consider cooperation with a high quality lifeboat and davit manufacturer like Fassmer another blue stamp of approval for Nadiro and a possibility to grow further in the future”.

A Nadiro system capable of saving one hundred people has been built and is to be fitted to the Maersk FPSO Peregrino presently being built in Singapore.