Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Shipping Container Inspections Join the Myriad Services Which Can be Undertaken at a Distance

Post Pandemic Yet Another Service Now Available Remotely
Shipping News Feature

US – The trials and tribulations of the Covid pandemic has changed many ways of working, remote rather than on hand becoming the norm for many people and tasks. This principal now seemingly applies to operations such as equipment inspection and now the National Cargo Bureau (NCB), which is a specialist in the field, has made the option available.

The new remote container inspection service is based on the Hazcheck Inspections web-based container inspections database and access portal developed with the NCB software division, Exis Technologies. It uses mobile devices to connect customers with NCB’s experienced team of surveyors, so they can review and inspect container transport units remotely.

The information and media files that the customer captures remotely via the device are automatically uploaded to the mobile platform. There are two features to choose from depending on the services requested, Workflow for Remote Container Inspections or a Live Video option with a direct NCB Surveyor. The remote inspections are performed via self-service workflows. Each task in the workflows is guided with detailed instructions and examples.

The workflows sent by NCB are received on a mobile device(s) of assigned representatives (i.e. Ocean Carrier, Container Freight Station, Marine Terminal, Shipper, Beneficial Cargo Owner, NonVessel Operating Common Carrier, etc.). After receiving the request, the user can start to complete the workflow without the need to install any app or content.

The recorded information and media files, including photos of securing methods, are then analysed by the surveyors to determine if the container transport unit is in compliance with applicable regulations and acceptable for ocean transport, and Ian Lennard, President, NCB commented:

“We are delighted to be able to offer this new service to our customers. Container inspections need to be carried out in a timely manner and on a global scale, particularly in locations where dangerous goods expertise may not be available. We are able to conduct remote inspections for customers throughout the supply chain, improving safety as well as helping with the overall efficiency of shipping containers.

”Direct consultations with our team of NCB surveyors, with decades of experience, ensures that deficiencies will be detected and corrected prior to delivery. Delays can lead to spiralling handling and storage, trucker, deficiency re-work and failed unit re-inspection costs.”

NCB has recently carried out remote container inspections for three of the top ten container lines, Evergreen, Maersk and Hapag Lloyd, prompting Captain Y S Hwang, Dept Head of Operations, Evergreen and Chairman of CINS to say:

“NCB recently carried out some remote inspections on our Ever Pride vessel in Taiwan following a fire caused by undeclared seed cake. The remote capability of the inspection process allowed us to investigate the cause of the fire immediately upon the vessel’s arrival after the box discharged ashore, with direct help from an experienced team of surveyors with dangerous goods expertise, rather than waiting for them to be available to travel to the port to carry out a survey in person. We would definitely use this method of container inspection again in the future.”

For more information about the remote inspection service click HERE.