Thursday, July 25, 2013

Shippers and Forwarding Agents Can Now Take Their Drinks with ICE

New Customs Processing System Rolled Out for Dutiable Items
Shipping News Feature

UK – Those shippers of wines and spirits, and freight forwarding agents who specialise in this sector, can now handle all their REDS (Registered Excise Dealers and Shippers) transactions through ICE (Integrated Customs for Europe), the new-generation Customs processing system from Impatex. Registered Excise Dealers and Shippers are traders who are approved and registered by HMRC under CEMA 100G to receive, and account for duty on duty-suspended excise goods from other EU Member States. Those registered as REDS must account for duty when the goods are received in the UK. Although the REDS system is intended for traders importing duty suspended excise goods, REDS may also import goods for which the duty has been paid in other Member States and in such cases, the registered user must guarantee the UK excise duty due before the goods are imported to the UK.

Impatex has been involved with the supply of Customs processing solutions since 1980 and is the UK’s largest supplier of Customs software. Whilst better known for its NetFreight product which is designed particularly for small- and medium-sized multi-modal forwarders the company received a request from a large and long standing customer to add REDS to ICE so they could migrate away from their self-developed legacy REDS system and this new feature took several months of work to develop and test.

Impatex MD Peter Day is certain that the addition of the REDS feature within ICE will encourage more freight agents to offer wine and drinks customers the facility to outsource their REDS processing. He explains:

“Although the REDS facility is only of interest to a limited number of users, we were happy to accommodate this request for one of our major multi-national customers. Now the development work is done, the feature is available to any ICE customer with a similar requirement. With REDS now included in ICE, some larger forwarders may be prepared to take this work on for customers, knowing they have the software to control it. It’s a potential additional revenue stream.”