Monday, January 11, 2010

Security Company Increases Anti Piracy Capabilities in Gulf of Aden

Increased Demand for Services Leads to Expansion of Escort Boat Fleet
Shipping News Feature

GULF OF ADEN - Texas-based maritime security company Espada Logistics and Security-MENA has announced that they have purchased five additional armed, fast-patrol vessels for use in the Gulf of Aden due to increased demand for their protection services to shipping caused by the growing number of pirate attacks that are occurring in the region.

With a fleet of thirteen patrol boats and another joining the flotilla in February, the company now offers escort services between the Red Sea and Mombasa to shipping lines that wish to have a dedicated security vessel accompanying their vessels as they transit the seas around the Horn of Africa.

Speaking of the acquisition Jim Jorrie, president of Espada Logistics and Security-MENA, said that: “Our customers have demanded a higher level of predictability when it comes to costs and scheduling, and it became clear that the only way to meet those demands was to acquire additional vessels.

“The added capacity will also allow us to extend our escort area beyond the Gulf of Aden to now include the East Coast of Africa down as far as Mombasa.

“Many customers are requiring marine general liability insurance for their escorts; now, with these vessels, we’ll be able to provide the protective coverage they desire.”

The company believes that the use of visible escorts is much more conducive to deterring pirate attacks than any other method, which is central to their business policy.

Espada charges $54,000 for a three-day escort through the Gulf of Aden and $74,000 for wider ranging four-day protection that covers East Africa and the Horn down to the Seychelles or Mombasa.

They also offer a number of other services to shipping lines, such as embarked security teams, anchorage protection and crisis consultation.

(pic: An Espada patrol boat)