Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Sea State Data Available to Offshore and Maritime Interests

Cloud Based Service to Monitor Conditions
Shipping News Feature
WORLDWIDE – Miros Group, a technology company specialising in measuring the ocean surface, has announced that it will make dry measurements of sea state available through the cloud as a service. The company, which provide sensors and systems for environmental monitoring to the global offshore and maritime industry, says that the service will mean easy access to real-time data without having to worry about configuration and maintenance of the data collection and distribution infrastructure.

The new service, dubbed the Miros Cloud, is offered on top of the company’s IoT sensor. The Miros Wave and Current Radar (SM-050) collects sea-state data on wave parameters, wave spectrum and surface currents. The Rangefinder and Wavefinder (SM-140) adds water level and draft measurements to the package, all made available through the cloud. The Miros portfolio also includes oil spill detection. Miros Group CEO Andreas Brekke, said:

“Making sea state data available in real time through the cloud was a major step forward, but we believe that offering this as a pure service will be equally as important for our customers. With a dry system there is virtually no maintenance once the system is in place. That allows us to be secure in providing the service without the customer having to pay for equipment maintenance.

“Delivering on service-based contracts requires exceptional confidence in the equipment. With zero-maintenance, dry sensor technology and data sharing through the cloud, we can now offer our customers the most affordable and flexible sea state data services at the highest level of reliability.”

Energy giant Equinor is the first Miros customer to take advantage of the cloud-based sea state data offering, using it to monitor wave conditions at their gas pipeline landfall on Norway’s west coast. The pipeline requires regular inspection and maintenance performed by divers, and accurate monitoring of the near-shore sea state is crucial to diver safety. Equinor representatives attended this week’s Nor-Shipping conference in New York and Kristin Westvik, NCS Strategy Manager will be speaking at the WISTA ‘Breaking the Ice’ event in Tromsø in October.