Thursday, June 30, 2011

SDV and Eurocopter Plan to Clean Up Aerospace and Defence Logistics

Joint Commitment to Twenty Percent CO2 Reduction
Shipping News Feature

FRANCE / GERMANY - Helicopter manufacturer Eurocopter and global logistics operator SDV have announced their joint commitment to reducing the amount of CO2 emissions produced by their logistics operations with regard to the transportation of helicopters, the flows of industrial and raw materials and spare parts shipments. Both companies have committed to reducing CO2 emissions by 20% over the next three years under their Save Program.

“Our objective is to go beyond simple carbon offsetting and focus on reducing CO2 emissions. We expect SDV, our key logistics provider, to implement a concrete framework for reducing the carbon footprint of transport and neutralising all residual CO2 emissions,” said Pierre Lutz, Global Logistics Manager for Eurocopter Deutschland GmbH.

SDV have created a three-step solution to enable their shipments of freight and other logistical support operations on behalf of Eurocopter to meet the agreed standard.

This features:

 - An emissions calculator to monitor the carbon footprint of shipments on a regular basis.

 - The design of eco-solutions to optimise the supply chain and reduce CO2 emissions: multimodal approach, methods of transport that use new technologies, packaging, consolidation of flows and reduction in urgent shipments through more effective planning.

- A carbon offset program aimed at a carbon neutral logistics system, contributing to the worldwide sustainable development initiatives.

SDV, a subsidiary of the Bolloré Group, has developed a strong presence in the highly lucrative and competitive international aerospace and defence logistics market over the last thirty years, exploiting the expanding niche by cultivating customers such as Eurocopter and recruiting a specialist team of some 800 dedicated personnel located around the globe.

With the globalisation of supplies and maintenance and an ever-increasing pressure to cut costs, the aeronautics industry’s supply chain is currently governed by the principles of just-in-time processes and reduced repair cycles. Fierce competition for these clients is such that companies like SDV must comply with their customers’ requests for improved ecological performance or lose out to rivals.

In a statement SDV said that:

“SDV is committed to environmental concerns in all its activities and has, in this respect, developed a customer solution; the reduction of CO2 variable is added to cost and delivery time variables, optimising the performance of the customer’s supply chain.”

(pic: a Eurocopter Tiger attack helicopter)