Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Scottish Truckers Criticise Excessive Fuel Penalty

RHA Joins Objectors to Surcharges
Shipping News Feature

UK – Many Scottish truck companies have appealed against the delivery surcharges imposed by British fuel distributors who cite distance from the refineries , and consequent extra shipping costs, as the reason they charge different rates in different areas of the country. Freight companies north of the border complain that they are unfairly penalised as the charges are passed on by their fuel suppliers.

Now the Road Haulage Association (RHA) have joined the clamour for a level playing field for Scots hauliers. Phil Flanders RHA's Scotland and N Ireland director said:

"In the current economic climate any extra cost will have a serious detrimental effect on a hauliers viability. We have already seen fuel duty rise by 12% over the last 16 months with another 4% increase due within the next few weeks. I feel angry that in many parts of Scotland, fuel companies who already make massive profits are taking advantage of their dominant position.

“How can hauliers expect to pass this on to customers who are already resisting paying the increases that hauliers need? There are alternative sites but many cannot be accessed by large vehicles and in many cases mean extra journey times”.