Thursday, December 24, 2009

Schneider National Gives Ride Home for Stranded Arrow Truck Drivers

Ask Their Drivers for Assistance
Shipping News Feature

USA – Following on from our story yesterday concerning the suspension in operations of Arrow Trucking of Tulsa comes an offer of assistance from Schneider National to give a ride to any Arrow employees who have found themselves stranded by the collapse of the company.

Arrows drivers were told yesterday that they were to turn their rigs over to the nearest dealer and find their way home. With only two days to Christmas around 1,400 drivers face the prospect of being stuck away from their families over the holiday season in addition to the grim news that they are suddenly out of a job.

This has inspired Schneider National to state that any Arrow driver who has found himself stranded can hitch a ride with their trucks if it helps them out. The company says that: “If you are a stranded Arrow Trucking driver and need a ride home for the holidays, seek out a Schneider National driver. If a Schneider driver is headed in your direction, we’ll help get you home—or as close to home as possible.

“Stranded Arrow drivers simply need to find one of Schneider’s drivers and ask if they’re headed in the same direction.

“If anyone knows how important it is for a truck driver to be home for the holidays, Schneider does.”

On Christmas Eve, Schneider National’s example is one that hopefully many other truckers will follow.