Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Schenker Achieves AEO Logistics Security Status Across The UK

Company Wins Important Accreditation
Shipping News Feature

UK - Schenker Limited in the UK has been awarded Authorised Economic Operator (AEO - F) status across its multi-modal branches for both Customs simplification and security and safety.

AEO status means that the company is a proven, secure member of the international supply chain and identified as a reliable trading partner in terms of both efficiency and compliance. All branches have to meet the same high standards as AEO status is only granted on a legal entity basis rather than on a branch by branch level.

Led by its UK Customs compliance manager, Vicky Petrova and security manager, Ian Lindsay, the company submitted its application last summer and went into the audit process in late autumn. “We were officially granted AEO status in February 2010. Achieving AEO status shows our existing and potential new customers that we are a recognised, trusted and compliant freight forwarder as set out by HMRC," says Vicky.

AEO status is recognised by all states of the EU and is the European equivalent of the C-TPAT certification which has become an essential part of doing business with the USA. Many customers and potential customers are now requiring their supply chain providers to have AEO status.