Monday, January 18, 2010

Scania Begins Worlds Best Truck Driver Hunt

Global Competition Kicks Off In Europe
Shipping News Feature

SWEDEN – Heavy truck manufacturer Scania has launched its annual challenge to find the world’s best young truck driver with the start of registration for competitors in the European heats. The Scania Driver Competitions 2010 will run across 28 countries and over 45,000 drivers are expected to enter throughout the year, with the winner taking home a brand-new R-series truck.

In a statement the company said that: “As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of heavy trucks and buses, Scania wants to demonstrate its commitment and responsibility to building a sustainable, robust and profitable global transport system that benefits all. To achieve this, the skills and attitude of the driver are critical.”

Scania initiated the competitions in 2003, initially in Europe. They have since spread into a global campaign to highlight the importance of the skills and professionalism of drivers, as well as of driver training and development to enhance road safety awareness and eco-driving proficiency.

“The driver is the single most important factor for economy, environment and safety. Skilled and committed drivers will deliver energy efficient transport, reduce emissions and contribute towards safer roads,” says Leif Östling, President and CEO, Scania.

“We set up the Scania Driver Competitions to put the spotlight on the drivers, celebrate their skills and highlight their valuable contribution to society. By this we aim to raise driver status and attract more young people into the profession.”

Over the next few months driver competitions will be launching in countries as diverse as Australia, Malaysia, Brazil and South Africa, as well as across Europe. Eighteen countries will host their own Young European Truck Driver competition (YETD 2010), the European version of the Scania Driver Competitions. Winners of each national YETD competition will then go on to compete for the overall YETD title at a European Final in Södertälje, Sweden on 8-9 October 2010.

Scania concludes that: “Taking part in the competition gives drivers an unforgettable experience. Not only is it an invaluable opportunity to improve driving skills, increase road safety awareness and energy efficiency, it’s also a great chance to meet other drivers and become part of a global driver community. For those who have the winning combination of exceptional driving skills, stamina, professional pride and a positive attitude, there is also the chance to become a champion.”

So, if you think you’re the greatest trucker in the world and were born after 1974, just click here.

(pic: Part of the 2005 qualifiers. © Scania)