Monday, July 18, 2011

Santeramo Trading Expands Thanks to Innovative Freight Container Liner

New Offices to Cope with Demand
Shipping News Feature

UK – Freight forwarders and specialist supplier Santeramo Trading Ltd have moved to new facilities in London to accommodate new staff required to help deal with demand for an innovative shipping container liner for which the company is the exclusive European distributor.

The Envirotuff Thermal Liner (ETL), made in Australia by JMP Holdings, is a fully woven reflective liner that is hung into a general-purpose ISO shipping container and allows for forklift loading, hand loading and slip-sheet. It offers protection to cargo inside a container from dangerous levels of heat or cold that can damage freight.

Once loaded it is fully sealed, protecting all six walls and providing a closed off temperature and humidity controlled environment for the goods within. The ETL comes in sizes designed for individual pallets, flexitanks, twenty foot and forty foot containers.

Antoine Petragallo, Managing Director at Santeramo, told Handy Shipping Guide:

“The Envirotuff products we offer are an excellent alternative to the traditional Kit & Dry and thermal blankets that are cumbersome to install, remove and recycle and can be quite expensive and for these reasons the major wine shippers use our ETL that can be installed and removed in under 30 minutes and are easily recyclable”.

Though the ETL’s are mainly used for wine shipments in flexitanks or by case in ISO containers they are also suitable for all kinds of products that require temperature fluctuation regulation, including foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and automotive or electronics parts.

Mr. Petragallo added that:

“Our sales are mainly concentrated in France, Italy and Spain but we are starting to make inroads in the UK market and Russia for its use with different products like Alkyl Sulphate, a non hazardous dishwasher paste.”

The increase in demand for the ETL and in other projects has led Santeramo to move to bigger premises to allow for more staff to be taken on.

“We decided to move as we need bigger premises to accommodate more staff joining our professional team. We also plan to expand our offices in France and Spain in the short term and to enhance our extensive agent’s network worldwide which we’ve have built up over the last 25 years,” Mr. Petragallo said.