Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Safety Conscious Road Haulage Outfits Will Welcome New Technology Sensors and Alarms

British Company Introduces Latest Kit for Truckers
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UK – WORLDWIDE – With safety uppermost in everybody’s minds these days, particularly with regard to the heavy haulage trucks we see on the roads, some companies have been innovative in their use of technology to assist with the avoidance of accidents and even to record such incidents for full analysis later. Drivers delivering freight to a consignee often have to manoeuvre blindly and we have recorded before the tragic occurrences when a cyclist travels in a lorry’s blind spot and opined the probability that more camera technology will eventually become compulsory despite schemes in both the UK and US which have tried to make cycling safer.

One company which offers a range of products which are worth consideration by any road freight operator is Daltec AI Limited, based in Middlesex and specialising in vehicle driver aids such as parking sensors which offer a more acceptable approach than the incessant ‘beeping’ or stentorian, mechanical voice tones we associate with reversing artics and rigids.

The impressive sounding ‘White Sound BBS-TEK® Self Adjusting Heavy Duty 77-97 Decibel reverse Alarm SA-BBS-97’ operates on 12 or 24 volts and is the only such alarm approved by the Noise Abatement Society as it produces a directional sound which is only audible within the danger area.

The company also produces a side scanning sensor system which delivers warnings to drivers turning or travelling at low speed protecting trucks from striking pedestrians and cyclists who are in the driver’s blind spot as well as ‘Black Box’ technology to record video evidence combined with audio, G-force and GPS details to record road incidents as they happen. Such devices are approved by major insurers and can assist fleet owners to reduce premiums.

The company also produces a full range of in cab technological aids including alarms, i Pod integrators etc. and a catalogue of products is available HERE.

Photo: Components of Brigade Ultrasonics Sidescan® sensor system SS-4000W and a Blackvue 400 HD Black Box Digital Incident Recorder