Thursday, April 27, 2017

Russian Navy Intelligence Ship Sinks after Collision with Freight Vessel

All Crew Reported Safe
Shipping News Feature
BLACK SEA – A Russian Navy ship has sunk in the Black Sea after a collision with a freight vessel at around 11.45 local time, due to poor visibility. All the crew of the Russian ship are reported to have been rescued and to be safe.

The intelligence vessel Liman, which had a crew of 78, collided in low visibility and fog off the Turkish coast near Istanbul with the Togo-flagged Youzarsif-H, a 2,334 MT livestock carrier that is registered to Lebanon–based Hammami Livestock. At this time the damage to the Youzarsif-H is unknown.

According to the Russian defence ministry the Liman ‘sustained a hull breach due to a collision’ some 25 miles northwest of the Bosphorus Strait. Turkish Coastguard vessels and helicopters were swiftly on the scene and where able to evacuate the crew. According to the Turkish Coast guard, 37 of the 78 from the Liman were taken by the Coast Guard 8, 26 by rescue boat Kiyem 3 and 15 by the Youzarsif-H.

The Liman is a former research vessel which the Russian navy transformed into a reconnaissance ship. It had been used on several occasions to observe NATO training exercises in the Black Sea.

Photo: Youzarsif-H