Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ruslan International Pulls Off another Overload Air Freight Success

An-124 Continues To Do the Jobs Others Cannot
Shipping News Feature

GERMANY / AUSTRALIA – Heavy airlift specialists Ruslan International and Volga Dnepr have just conducted another unique equipment lift with the successful transportation of a 6.74 metre diameter bearing ring between Dusseldorf, Germany and Port Hedland in Western Australia.

Ruslan International, working on behalf of STL Logistics and Panalpina, used an Antonov An-124 freight aircraft belonging to their partner company Volga Dnepr to transport the huge part.

Though the An-124 has long established itself as a legendary performer and one of the most capable heavy lift aircraft in the world the job still presented a great challenge. 

The bearing ring, part of a massive mining machine, weighed in at only 12 tonnes with its steel transport cradle – a mere tenth of what the An-124 can carry weight-wise –  but the diameter of the ring exceeded the nose door width the aircraft.

To solve the problem Ruslan International’s loading engineer Dmytro Kurko built a custom shipping cradle which would allow the bearing ring to be loaded at an angle of exactly 20.1 degrees from horizontal. This would allow clearances on the doors of just 48mm and 61mm.

Paul Furlonger, Sales Director of Ruslan International said that:

“When we first saw the details of this shipment, the immediate reaction was that it wouldn’t fit. But we’re accustomed to achieving the seemingly impossible, and our team performed their usual magic - resulting in another successful job.”

Ruslan International is a joint venture between Antonov Airlines and Volga-Dnepr Airlines, to provide marketing of both airlines’ An-124 fleets – which with 17 aircraft makes up almost two-thirds the world’s civil fleet.