Monday, March 25, 2019

RoRo Freight and Passenger Ferry Group Introduces Japanese Style Sleep Pods

Innovative Idea to Cut Costs
Shipping News Feature
GERMANY – SWEDEN – In a novel move Stena Line, which operates RoRo services for both freight and passengers, has installed Japanese sleeping pods on its Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Skåne vessels, operating between Rostock in Germany and Trelleborg in Sweden.

The Swedish transport outfit says the unusual move is in line with its ‘continuous efforts to develop attractive and ground-breaking products and services’ for its customers and that it is the first ferry group to offer what it claims is a comfortable and cost efficient way for travellers to rest on the 6 to 7 hour crossings, dependant on departure.

The accommodation has been inspired by the Japanese capsule hotels which offer 2m2 of sleeping space for each person and the new units are already bookable for sailings from 1 April. Each berth is equipped with a mattress and bed linen, as well as air conditioning, charging station and WiFi, whilst luggage can be stored outside the pods in lockers. Martin Wahl, Stena Line’s Travel Commercial Manager for Stena Lines routes between Germany and Sweden, commented:

“We see it as an innovative offer for a cost-conscious target group, which nonetheless values comfort and privacy. The sleeping pods are a great way for young people, backpackers or campers to travel cheaply and comfortably to Sweden. But also travellers on short break and business travellers can fully recover with this modern way of travelling.”

With space at a premium, particularly in the summer months, the pods will be available on one of the most popular routes between Germany and Sweden. Stena Line currently operates 38 vessels on 20 routes throughout Northern Europe.