Wednesday, January 25, 2017

RoRo Ferry Groups Cooperate in Container, Trailer and Break Bulk Freight Service Agreement

Expansion of European Coverage from This Month
Shipping News Feature
UK – SPAIN –BELGIUM – SWEDEN – Following the news in December that Swedish Orient Line (SOL) had appointed John Good Shipping as agents for its new freight ferry services opening this month between Tilbury, Zeebrugge and the Latvian Port of Ventpils, comes details of a three way cooperation between SOL, P&O and Finnlines to extend each other’s reach into their respective territories. Spanish and Iberian Peninsula exporters will now be able to transport their goods directly to markets in mainland Britain and Sweden using the Bilbao and Santander to Teesport, Tilbury or Gothenburg links. The services are operated with RoRo vessels that are suitable for all kinds of commodities: trailers, RoRo, containers, mobile and break bulk.

The companies tell us that the deck heights and ramp strengths on the vessels are suitable for a variety of oversized and overweight cargoes as well as the normal unit traffic and the services will make it possible to connect any port in the loop within a maximum transit time of five days, faster than any existing connection by road, rail or even sea. For its part P&O Ferries currently runs 98 sailings a week from the British east coast ports of Tilbury, Hull and Teesport respectively, to its main continental hub at Zeebrugge. Nick Pank, P&O Ferries' Head of Sales Development for the North Sea, explained:

"Anyone who needs to transport freight between Spain and Britain will now be able to make a single booking and take advantage of a maximum transit time of five days between the Spanish port from which goods depart and the British port at which they arrive, or vice versa. The reliability and punctuality of our inter-connecting sea routes will make a compelling alternative to more expensive road or rail transport. Our priority is to help our freight customers get their goods on their way to market as soon as possible."

Last year the P&O Ferrymasters owned rail terminal in the northern Romanian city of Oradea opened to facilitate the onward movement of goods to Britain from the Silk Road extending its portfolio of services even wider, and the companies involved in the new deal say they expect to see strong volumes of project cargo, machinery and machine parts, packaging, aluminium, car parts, fruit and vegetables, batteries and paper being transported, particularly between Spain and Britain.