Thursday, May 19, 2011

RoRo, Container And Break Bulk Freight Specialist Chooses Amsterdam

Grimaldi Lines Open Second Service
Shipping News Feature

NETHERLANDS – The Italian shipping company Grimaldi Lines which utilises a range of types in its freight fleet including RoRo multipurpose vessels, container ships and car and truck carriers, will once again be using the USA terminal of the Ter Haak Group in Amsterdam as the first unloading port in its Southern Express Service. On Friday 13th May the Port of Amsterdam welcomed the first ship of this liner service at Ter Haak’s.

Adding to the Central Express Service this will be Grimaldi’s second liner service to call upon the USA facility at Amsterdam’s Amerikahaven. Grimaldi already has launched five ships on the Southern Express Service. On Friday it was the newly built MV Grande Togo docking at Ter Haak and to celebrate this maiden call captain Antonio Graziani received the traditional port shield from Michael van Toledo, Commercial Manager (Containers) at the Port of Amsterdam.

In 2009 Antwerp was still the only direct port of call of the Southern Express Service in the Benelux region. From now on Amsterdam will once again be the first loading/unloading port. Following Hamburg, Tilbury and Antwerp the multipurpose ConRo ships of this service will be heading for southern destinations in West Africa such as the Angolan port of Luanda, Pointe Noire (Congo-Brazzaville) and Douala (Cameroon). The ships will be carrying containers, timber, RoRo, break bulk and project cargoes the Dutch agent for which will be Broekman Motorships.

The Port of Amsterdam claims to be the fourth most important port in Europe and seeks to be a smart port in the future with to sustainable growth being the key ambition. The port authorities intend to expand the facilities to create more local employment without increasing the footprint of the site and to do so in an ecologically sustainable fashion.

This year marks the centenary of the family business which is the Ter Haak Group located at and around the Amsterdam port. The group combines several highly specialised port companies and its USA stevedoring facility comprises three terminals with a total quay length of two kilometres, a 30 hectare site and 100,000 m2 of warehouse space. It specialises in the transhipment of containers, timber, RoRo, break bulk, bulk cargo and project cargo.