Monday, December 12, 2016

RoRo and Intermodal Freight Customer Buys Majority Shareholding in Port Terminal

Train Cargo Logistics Specialist Invests Across Europe
Shipping News Feature

ITALY – TURKEY – Turkish-based Ekol Logistics has acquired a 65% share of Europa Multipurpose Terminals (EMT), the operator of pier VI in the Port of Trieste which Ekol uses for its RoRo and intermodal train services throughout Europe. The acquisition is an addition to Ekol developing a new RoRo terminal at the port of Yalova, Turkey which should open early next year.

Ekol hopes to help further develop pier VI at Trieste in the near future as well, with planned investments to improve the ports cargo handling facilities and increase train loading capacity to 10 round trip services a day. Pier VI currently provides services to Turkish and Greek RoRo vessels, but the plan is for the port to add countries such as Israel and Egypt to its portfolio in the coming years.

Ekol says the current annual capacity of 110,000 units carried by RoRo vessels and 70,000 units carried by trains in 2016 is slated to rise to 140,000 units by the ships and 100,000 units by train in 2017. Ekol Logistics and Yalova RoRo Terminal Chairman Ahmet Musul said:

“The Port of Trieste enjoys a vital location for our intermodal transportation solution, a pioneering service we offer to customers in a superior, sustainable, low-cost and effective way. We solidified our position here by acquiring the majority of Europa Multipurpose Terminals, the company we received services from up until now. We are sure to make a leap by proceeding with a such a seasoned team in port operations. I am confident that we will convey the experience we gain to Yalova RoRo Terminal, scheduled to open in beginning of 2017.”