Monday, January 9, 2017

Road Haulage Trucks Urged to Heed Weather Warning from UK Met Office

Severe Winter Conditions Expected
Shipping News Feature
UK – Following on from last week’s road closures to road haulage outfits in Bulgaria due to extreme winter weather much of Europe has been hit by extreme winter weather sweeping down from the Arctic, with snow even settling on some of the Greek island resorts in the Mediterranean. However, the snow has so far missed the British Isles, which has had a warm temperature pocket insulating both the UK and Ireland. This situation is about to change and road users should prepare accordingly.

The Meteorological Office has now issued a severe weather warning for Scotland, Wales, Ireland and the North and coastal regions of England. From Wednesday, these areas are liable to experience snow and high winds and freight hauliers are warned to make sure that all vehicles are suitably equipped for travel in these sorts of conditions and that drivers should carry emergency equipment is case of stranding. This threat is especially likely in highland areas and it should be anticipated that some roads may be closed in the event of heavy snowfall, especially in the Highlands and the Pennines.

Anyone without urgent need to travel are encouraged to reschedule their trips. Further advice for heavy good vehicles can be found here.