Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Road Haulage Representatives Get to Discuss Freight Options with Minister

Commercial Vehicle Show Hosted Roundtable Discussion Today
Shipping News Feature

UK – There is nothing members of the road haulage community like better than to air their views, and grievances, to a Member of Parliament and today the assembled company at the Commercial Vehicle Show got exactly that when organisers of the 2013 event were delighted to host a roundtable discussion with the Secretary of State for Transport, the Rt. Hon Patrick McLoughlin MP. Subjects ranging from diesel prices to incentives for freight carriers were all grist to the mill as the session progressed.

From the start, the Minister made it clear that he was attending the meeting to listen to the industry and that he would not be able to make any firm promises. However, throughout the hour-long debate, it became apparent that he was taking a keen interest in the comments and suggestions that were made.

Attended by members from each of the bodies representing the Show Partnership, including the Road Haulage Association, the range of issues raised was wide; covering areas such as the use of alternative fuels, capital allowances, creating incentives for haulage companies to expand their operations and the usual dilemma of how to encourage young people into the industry.

Discussions also included reducing corporation tax, the image of the workforce and, of course, the issue of road safety, particularly in relation to other road users. The final word goes to the Minister himself and he commented:

“It's been fantastic to come here to the Commercial Vehicle Show and see some of the cutting edge technology at work in today's logistics industry. It's also given me the opportunity to hear direct from operators, manufacturers and engineers, and that is invaluable, given the huge importance of haulage and logistics to the nation's economy.”