Saturday, July 6, 2013

Road Haulage Parcel Specialist Opts for New Van Technology to Improve Next Day Delivery Services

APC Partner Installs Road Monkey to Boost Production
Shipping News Feature

UK – One of the best known names on the British parcel delivery circuit will benefit from new technology now installed into the vans of one of its subsidiary companies. APC Overnight is the UK’s largest next day network and the carrier is owned and run by independent local delivery specialists. Now Lines Distribution Services, the APC Overnight road haulage member for Dumfries and Galloway and the Scottish Border regions, has invested in Route Monkey technology to help it further enhance its customer services, while also increasing vehicle utilisation, cutting road miles and reducing transport planning time.

Route Monkey provides comprehensive scheduling and routing software solutions, for both conventional and electric vehicles (EVs). The company says the system is easily integrated with existing telematics, tracking and fleet management software, and claims to be one of the most cost-effective and flexible end-to-end solutions on the market. Savings are said to be so substantial that the technology is typically self-funding, by costing less per month than the fuel and other efficiency savings generated with 20% savings on fuel claimed and over five hundred current users worldwide. Malcolm Lines, Managing Director of Lines Distribution, said:

“Working with Route Monkey ensures we have the very latest technology supporting our fleet. Based on the detailed analysis carried out by Route Monkey as part of the procurement process, we know we can save a considerable amount of miles each year, which will also significantly reduce our company’s carbon footprint.”

Lines Distribution, which operates a fleet of Mercedes Sprinter vans for APC, is one of the first Route Monkey customers to benefit from HERE mapping technology from Nokia. This includes preventative planning to avoid low bridges and roads with weight restrictions, as well as giving the driver real-time warnings about upcoming sharp bends or steep hills. For further information or to set up a free virtual trial, contact Route Monkey on 0845 643 5732, or click HERE.