Friday, April 17, 2015

Road Haulage Outfits Can Pay for HGV Highway Tolls Electronically at the Filling Station

New Scheme from Fuel Card Provider to Simplify European Road Charging
Shipping News Feature

EUROPE – International Diesel Service (IDS), a Kuwait Petroleum subsidiary, has teamed up with Italian headquartered Plose, itself a part of 360 Payment Solutions, which produces equipment and solutions for the payment of tolls and taxes charged when using European roads, highways, tunnels and bridges, for an innovative scheme to assist road haulage outfits with the electronic payment of toll charges at any of IDS’s 600 filling stations which are strewn across the continent.

IDS was the first fuel supplier to launch a contactless smart fuel card with an RFID chip and PIN system and now the service enabling cashless, electronic payment of toll charges will enable users to arrange payment for motorway tolls across Europe, ensuring convenience and secure payment control.

Currently IDS card services gives the ability via its website to manage, block or set the maximum amount of fuel that can be filled at any given time, per card and per site and also allow every transaction made anywhere in the network to be viewed online. With an abundance of toll collection schemes now in place across Europe from this month the new service will offer:

• Direct access to the main toll concessionaries and collectors across Europe

• Competitive tariffs and conditions

• Full control with effective processes, IT platforms and invoicing

• Professional, efficient and courteous multilingual staff

• No need to advance money to HGV drivers