Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Road Haulage Outfits Asked to Advise on How Freight and Logistics Fleets Use London Roads

Meanwhile Black Cab Protest Expected to Cause Disruption in the Capital
Shipping News Feature

UK – Traffic news this week from Transport for London (TfL) contains a couple of items of interest to the freight and logistics community. Firstly the proposed protest by some London taxi drivers due to take place on Wednesday June 11 from 14:00 hours is likely to cause disruption to traffic in the local area and given the large number of vehicles involved, is likely to affect a wider area including Whitehall and Parliament Square. Road haulage operators are asked to liaise with clients regarding earlier collection and delivery times where possible.

If possible avoid the immediate area and access up to date information from wherever possible including via the media, the TfL website, various social media feeds, direct email communications, roadside variable messaging signs and bulletins to businesses and other local organisations and groups. TfL says it is working with the Metropolitan Police Service and other partners to manage the impact of the traffic congestion caused by the taxis as far as possible and to restore normal conditions as quickly as possible after the protest.

The second item concerns a study being undertaken by TfL researching how people use the roads in the Capital. The views of professional fleet drivers, especially those driving heavy goods and large passenger vehicles, are being sought to take part in a video based survey. The online survey will ask drivers what they would do in certain situations and takes no longer than 20 minutes. If you would like to have a say in the future of London’s roads, please contact Simon.Hollowood@sdgworld.net 

Photo: We’ve been here before. A similar Taxi protest by up to 4,000 cabs staged in 2011 aimed to stop traffic in central London.