Thursday, April 10, 2014

Road Haulage Outfits Advised to Ensure Petroleum Tanker Certification in Order

PDP Scheme Managers Change the Rules on Drivers Certificates
Shipping News Feature

UK – Every lorry driver on British roads in charge of a tanker carrying flammable fuel will need to gain a Petroleum Drive Passport (PDP) in 2014. If a driver is due to have his or her ADR renewed in 2014 or is applying for their first ADR they must take the full PDP course. Those drivers who do not have to renew their ADR certification in 2014 must still take an approved interim PDP course. Road haulage outfits which need more information can see details here.

Now several changes to the original scheme have been announced by the scheme manager, SQA, after concerns arising over the alignment of the ADR and PDP renewal dates and the requirement to undertake PDP training no more than four months prior to their ADR/PDP renewal date. Having discussed the possible solutions to these issues it was agreed that the simplest solution is to allow drivers/employers to ‘de-align’ the ADR and PDP expiry dates.  

Upon receipt of the automatically generated PDP card from SQA, candidates or their employer can submit an application to have the PDP expiry date de-aligned from the ADR expiry date thus amending the scheme to become more flexible so that training and assessment can be scheduled at the most suitable time and at the lowest possible cost and to avoid creating any unnecessary extra training and assessment burden. SQA have designed a pro-forma that:

• informs the candidate/employer that they must return the original PDP card

• requests the new desired expiry date (must be prior to expiry date on original PDP card)

• contains payment details (£15 ‘de-alignment’ fee) payable by the candidate/employer

• requests reason for change of expiry date and sector employed within

Once in receipt of the above information, SQA will issue a new PDP card to the candidate with the new expiry date, as requested. The full detail of this amended process has been included in an updated version of the Petroleum Driver Passport Scheme Manual of Practice (Section 9.6.2). So far 700 drivers having taken practical or written assessment with almost 200 PDP cards being issued.