Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Road Haulage Operator Transforms into an International Freight Forwarding and Logistics Group

Dentressangle 2011 Revenue Returns Show Progress toward Globalisation
Shipping News Feature

FRANCE – EUROPE – WORLDWIDE – Despite being known principally for its European road haulage operations a policy of expansion and acquisition has transformed Norbert Dentressangle into a truly international group incorporating different elements including freight forwarding and general logistics. Figures release yesterday show revenue up in 2011 to €3,576 million, a 26% jump from the previous years figure.

The company statement shows organic growth of 5.6% and the increasing internationalisation of the Dentressangle brand with 55% group revenue being generated outside its home country of France, an 11% rise. One of the principal factors in the increased turnover generated is due to recent acquisitions whilst the transport sector grew over 20% and logistics in excess of 28%.

Despite growth slowing in Europe in the final quarter over the year transport accounted for €1,966 million and logistics €1,589 million whilst freight forwarding grew rapidly with the TDG and APC Beijing International acquisitions affording Norbert Dentressangle the opportunity to reach the next stage in the development of its increased areas of activity and this segment of the business posted €86 million compared with €12 million during the prior fiscal year. Chief Executive Officer, François Bertreau commented:

“Norbert Dentressangle maintained a healthy rate of growth throughout the year and posted a sharply higher 2011 consolidated revenue of €3.6 billion. Acquisitions in 2011 (TDG and APC Beijing International) have bolstered our group’s international profile and put us in very good standing in the freight forwarding market, despite this solid performance, we have remained watchful of changes taking place in our customers’ businesses, which at the end of the year showed signs of slowing.”

Photo: Two of Dentressangle’s diesel/electric 19 tonne trucks which took to the streets of Paris last August as the group bids to improve its environmental footprint.