Friday, October 2, 2015

Road Haulage Groups Gather for the Annual Griffin Truck Display

Professional Drivers Charity Raises Funds at Scania Event
Shipping News Feature
UK – In what is believed to be the largest gathering of a single marque of truck in Europe this year’s ‘Gathering of the Griffin’ saw over 110 Scania HGV’s turn up at the annual event, once again held at the Orwell Crossing Truck stop at the end of September. Road haulage contractors from far and wide came to attend the event which included mostly working, yet immaculate, trucks. Some vintage, some customised, some new but with one thing in common, it was a gathering of friends who again included the Professional Drivers Foundation (PDF).

The PDF manned Honesty buckets at the car park and at any point it could find and held a Raffle with goods donated by Creative Funding Solutions, Lizard Lick Towing, Live Promotion Events, White Diamond Detailing Products, CDC, Gonia Truck and Anglo Dutch Model Trucks and thanked Anne Blowers of Orwell Truckstop, whose premises provided a perfect setting, and organisers Rob Billman and Michelle Lines and the crew who worked tirelessly all weekend to see everything ran to plan.

On Sunday a truck pull over 100 feet was organised and five teams competed, the Braintree Mafia, Alwyn/Barwell Team, Cobley Cobs, the Murdoch Boys and the Paisley Boys with fierce competition and times ranging from 1 minute 18 seconds down to a very fast 32.75 seconds achieved by the Paisley Boys!

This year’s event saw the first entry from the Netherlands and at least 55 first timers as the event grows annually. To be involved next year request a form from the Facebook page or contact .

The PDF is dedicated to assisting heavy goods vehicle drivers who have fallen on hard times and need a leg up for a myriad reasons, from illness in the family to redundancy etc.

Photo: Pristine Scania’s from Longthornes and Stuart Nicholl Transport.