Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Road Haulage Fleets Warned of Upcoming Dangers from Bad Weather

Drivers Need to Ensure They Follow the Rules in Ice and Snow says Brake
Shipping News Feature

UK – Although primarily aimed at car drivers, advice this week from road safety charity Brake is also of relevance to the road haulage industry, with the charity urging drivers to stay safe during the bad weather the UK is forecast to experience in the coming months. Brake has published an advice sheet calling on organisations to ensure their drivers follow the ABC of staying safe in bad weather conditions, by Avoiding driving at all if possible; Being prepared, planning journeys around bad weather and packing a bad weather kit; and Careful, cautious driving, slowing down and being extra vigilant for people and hazards.

Adverse weather conditions can make driving much more dangerous and at this time of year it is vital that companies employing drivers take extra steps to manage the risks and remind their staff of the dangers. Stopping distances double in the wet and can increase tenfold in ice and snow. Fog or dazzling, low sun can severely diminish visibility, preventing drivers from reacting to hazards. Flooding and strong winds can make even familiar roads treacherous. Laura Woods, Research and Information Officer at Brake, said:

"Driving can be risky even in good conditions, and in bad weather it can become very dangerous. I urge fleet managers to remind their drivers of the risks particularly at this time of year. This advice sheet is a useful, concise resource to help managers ensure their drivers know how to prepare for, and avoid, the risks associated with bad weather."

The advice sheet, sponsored by safety equipment supplier Arco, is available for free to Fleet Safety Forum subscribers, or can be purchased for £5 by non-subscribers. For those quickest off the mark there is a special offer- the first 25 non-subscribers to request the sheet will get a copy for FREE. Please email or call +44 (0)1484 559909 to order.

The Fleet Safety Forum is a low cost, not-for-profit subscription service, run by the charity. It supports fleet managers in reducing the human and financial costs associated with road crashes involving at-work drivers. Annual subscription costs between £50 and £155 +VAT. Subscribers get access to advice, guidance and other resources to help them improve road safety from within their organisation.