Thursday, April 10, 2014

Road Haulage Firms Are Not the Only Market for Retread Tyres

Commercial Aircraft Utilise Cheaper, Cleaner Option
Shipping News Feature

US – WORLDWIDE – The News Desk at the Handy Shipping Guide receives hundreds of emails every day, most of which we choose not to print as they lack relevance to the road haulage or freight and logistics sector. Occasionally however comes a tale which is worth passing on and, this genuine story from Harvey Brodsky, the Managing Director of the Retread Tire Association is one such.

Now Harvey spends almost all his time extolling the environmental and financial advantages of retread tyres (or tires if you prefer) and recently whilst flying to Milwaukee on personal matters he, as usual was continuing the promotion of his chosen industry by wearing a T shirt boldly emblazoned ‘RETREAD INSTEAD’.

This drew comments as to the meaning from a neighbouring passenger and, Harvey being Harvey, he dropped naturally into his zealous spiel, mentioning to the woman that virtually all commercial airlines flew on retreaded tyres, including the plane they were about to fly on (have no doubt he would have looked to confirm). In Harvey’s words:

“The woman blanched and her face was suddenly filled with fear. She was not kidding and actually began to shake. I tried to explain that airlines have been safely flying on retreads for years. It took some time for me to calm her down and it was only after about an hour after we took off, and some further explaining by me that she finally calmed down. By this time she was seated and her seatmates were also very frightened by the fact that we were all flying on an airplane using retreads. Her fear had become contagious.”

Happily Harvey is a natural salesman and wearing what he terms his ‘friendly face’ his explanation that most aircraft flying have to use retreads simply due to newer safer tyres being essential on such a regular basis making the cost of new ones prohibitive, was apparently accepted.

So for those road haulage outfits who harbour the old doubts about retreads Harvey is positively evangelical in his explanation that the modern tyres are suitable for just about any type of vehicle with each tyre also making its own small contribution toward a greener environment. If you would like Harvey to explain how far the retread industry has gone in producing a safer, cleaner solution to tyre wear he can be reached at