Monday, June 15, 2015

Road Haulage Drivers Look Out - Another Trailer Stolen - This Time a Step Frame in Battersea

Lightning Strikes Twice for Trailer Hire Firm
Shipping News Feature

NORTHERN IRELAND – ENGLAND – Earlier this year we had cause to spread the happy news that a skeletal trailer stolen a whole year previously from the yard of Ashcroft Trailer Hire in County Antrim, had been recovered, unfortunately without the empty shipping container it had disappeared with. Regrettably we are told today that lightning has apparently struck twice and road haulage drivers are, once again, being asked to help.

The photograph shows two views of a distinctive step frame trailer belonging to the same company which has, once again disappeared, this time from the Battersea area of South London. All the main points made in the original article apply, small companies like Ashcroft cannot afford to keep replacing capital equipment, and insurance costs these days mean the insurers look to regain their own losses by way of increased future premiums.

Hauliers in the London area are asked to keep an eye out for step frame T3506T and report any sightings to Cheryl at Ashcroft on 02890 832641.