Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Road Haulage Drivers Can Obviate New Mirrors with Specialist Camera System

Safer Way to Avoid a Nasty Incident
Shipping News Feature
UK – EUROPE – In September we saw new legislation introduced to give road haulage drivers in London better visibility through a more comprehensive coverage of the blind spots on trucks using mandatory extra mirrors, details of which we explained in our August article. There are however even more technological solutions to give a driver a better chance to spot, and even record, dangers and problems in front of a vehicle or adjacent to the kerb such as the unwary cyclist who doesn’t comprehend his or her own invisibility.

Twenty or so years ago a small company based in the Netherlands, Orlaco, started to produce safety cameras for the rear of trucks to assist in reversing. Now the firm has released the CornerEye camera monitor system, specifically designed to obviate the need for the pavement and front view mirror requirement, in accordance with mirror directive R46. The system has a wide angle lens that combines with the latest technologies to deliver a field of vision of 270° which the manufacturer claims is revolutionary in the truck industry.

CornerEye provides a full and detailed picture of the trucks surroundings, continuously and in real time, whilst the camera shows every detail on the high-resolution HD monitor. The camera is waterproof to IP69K standard and also shock and vibration-resistant and cannot be affected by electromagnetic fields.

The system has been specially designed for trucks and heavy machinery with a robust design that conforms to strict automotive requirements and is produced in accordance with the approved quality standards ISO/TS 16949:2009 and ISO 9001:2008 and in line with CE marking standards. It is also approved under the demanding R10 criteria.