Friday, February 19, 2016

Road Haulage Driver Licence Checks Are Both Simple and Essential

DVLA System Suits Harassed Freight Transport Managers
Shipping News Feature
UK – Last month saw the DVLA’s system to enable driving licence checks online take a further step forward as it moved into the ‘beta’ stage. For the uninitiated that’s jargon for ‘Stage B’ having already gone through a process of testing and consultation. The key fact for road haulage operators is that it further simplifies a method to check that any driver working for them, agency or otherwise, has the suitable qualifications and driving record allowable. It should be remembered that Transport Managers are expected to check these details for all freight drivers at regular intervals, usually every 3 months.

The system is also essential for anyone wishing to hire a car or other vehicle, particularly if travelling abroad. Drivers can use the service to generate a single use code which remains active for up to 21 days that will enable another authorised person, such as the hire company or operator licence holder, to check the details to assure themselves all is above board and the driver can legally use the vehicle in question. Since the launch of the public beta in May 2015 over 7.9 million records have been viewed with 3.3 million sharing codes created and over 1.2 million licence checks completed.

Considering some of the horrendous stories associated with government attempts to ‘rationalise’ information technology, e.g. the NHS fiasco which reportedly cost over £10 billion before it was scrapped, the standards which are now required for any government provided digital service consist of 18 ‘self-test’ points which are intended to ensure the feasibility of any new system and, in the case of driving licence checks, it seems they may have got it about right.

To check a drivers details he or she will need their driving licence number, their National Insurance number and their postcode. The initial viewing service to discover what classes of vehicle one is allowed to drive, penalty points attaching to a licence etc. and to obtain a check code can be made here, whilst viewing another person’s details using such a code can be seen here.