Monday, January 25, 2010

Road Haulage Association Win Unfair Dismissal Verdict

Staff Layoffs were Justified and Properly Conducted
Shipping News Feature

UK – As mentioned previously, The Road Haulage Association (RHA) was accused last week of unfair dismissal in a case brought by an aggrieved ex member of staff. The Tribunal found unanimously in the Associations favour after hearing the facts of the case and agreed that the RHA had properly followed all the statutory dismissal and redundancy procedures. The organisation represents the views and opinions of thousands of UK trucking companies from freight delivery firms to waste management and tanker operators.

The restructuring of the Association last year led to twelve redundancies after the decision was made to relocate the RHA’s accounts and marketing departments to its Southern and Eastern Region headquarters in Peterborough. The redundancies occurred at the Association’s Weybridge, Surrey office and Chief Executive Geoff Dunning commented how delighted he was that the group’s actions had been exonerated.

“We were entitled to make the changes necessary for the efficacy of our business and make staff redundant, and did so in the rightful, legal and proper manner.”