Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Road Haulage and Logistics Group Takes a Step On The Road to Net Zero

Waste Oil and Fat Used to Cut Emissions
Shipping News Feature

UK – As part of the company's policy to work with its customers to drive down carbon emissions and help speed up the journey to net zero, Howard Tenens Logistics tells us its key Andover depot in Hampshire has switched its fuel from diesel to the low carbon alternative, GD+ HVO Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) from this week.

Tenens says that GD+ HVO was the clear choice due to its impressive carbon savings and the fact that it is a ‘drop in’ fuel, requiring no vehicle modifications. One of the transport group’s key customers, agricultural supply business and rural retailer Mole Valley Farmers, is aiming for carbon net zero by 2040 and has developed a road map to reach the target.

The agriculture group has identified the four priority areas of transport, energy use, packaging and feed material sourcing to meet these environmental commitments and Andy Taplin, Head of Retail Supply Chain at Mole Valley Farmers, commented:

“Together, with our warehousing and distribution partner, Howard Tenens Logistics, we are committed to reducing carbon emissions associated with our transport and warehousing. It is really positive that the transport fleet distributing to our retail stores has migrated from diesel to HVO. This forms just one part of the ongoing work to reduce the overall carbon footprint and Mole Valley Farmers’ close relationship with Tenens enables us to work together to achieve this.”

Green Biofuels Ltd (GBF), is the supplier of GD+ HVO and will be delivering one million litres of 100% GD+ HVO + a year, sourced entirely from waste oils and fats. GBF is certified by the ISCC (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification) and is accredited under the Renewable Fuels Assurance Scheme (RFAS).

Howard Tenens says it is confident the fuel is sustainably sourced and that the supply chain is regularly audited. By switching to GD+ HVO the Andover HGVs will emit 92% less carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) emissions than when running on retail diesel (calculated on a well to wheel basis), which equates to a saving of 2,873 tonnes of CO2e a year.

These emission savings are designed to result in cutting the company’s scope 1 carbon footprint emissions by 17% and will be the single biggest carbon reduction initiative introduced to date. Howard Tenens Logistics are now planning to look at other depots where a similar partnership approach can be adopted to roll out HVO. Jamie Hartles, Chief Executive Officer of Howard Tenens Logistics is understandably delighted by this latest initiative, saying:

“Delivering mutual value is what we strive for as a business. With continued environmental credentials, and a long track record of delivering environmental solutions for our customers, GD+ HVO is yet another positive step forward on our sustainability journey. As carbon reduction is a priority for our customers as well as ourselves, we took the initiative to act now in switching to a sustainable fuel which would create an immediate positive impact for both parties, rather than wait until electric and fuel cell vehicle technologies become available.

”The move to GD+ HVO as the sole fuel source in Andover could not have happened without the support of our key clients Abel & Cole, Mole Valley Farmers and Williams & Co. It is this collaborative approach that has allowed us to create a blueprint that we are optimistic can be rolled out across other depots in the very near future.”

In the UK, the Renewable Fuels Assurance Scheme (RFAS) is an initiative designed and managed by the Zemo Partnership. The Scheme aims to verify claims made by companies supplying renewable fuels to heavy-duty vehicle and equipment operators regarding their product’s greenhouse gas emission savings and provenance of raw material feedstocks. The fuel supplied under this project will be certified under the RFAS. Gloria Esposito, Head of Sustainability at the Zemo Partnership commented:

“We’re very pleased that Howard Tenens Logistics is taking this step and that it has chosen to use product accredited through the Renewable Fuels Assurance Scheme which verifies the GHG emission savings and other aspects of its sustainability performance. Renewable fuels like GD+ HVO can play an important role in decarbonising UK transport by providing emissions savings that can be achieved right now.”

Whilst road haulage outfits and their customers await the Holy Grail of technology which will see absolute zero in terms of emissions alongside the capability of powering HGVs travelling long distances without the need for lengthy stops en route, it appears such fuels as GD+ HVO will be a useful stage in the process. Magnus Hammick, COO of GBF, concluded:

“Driving down carbon emissions across entire supply chains and client networks is an extremely important, yet often overlooked part of the climate fight. We’re proud to be supporting Howard Tenens Logistics to make a difference today and to prove they are climate conscious industry leaders. Between now and net zero, incremental actions to reduce carbon footprints will be vital for the future of the planet”.