Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Road Haulage and Bus Driving Tuition Takes a More Peaceful Path to CPC Enlightenment

Angry Drivers are Dangerous Drivers
Shipping News Feature

UK – To say one has never been guilty of, or subjected to, a bout of ‘road rage’ probably means one has never driven professionally and now, in an interesting cooperation, methods of coping with the stresses of the truck or bus drivers daily life can be incorporated into the mandatory Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) tuition which all road haulage operators are obliged to have their staff undertake.

A survey by insurance group Ingenie undertaken in 2012 showed that 66% of drivers had experienced road rage in the last 12 months and for professional drivers the incidence will likely be higher. It’s telling that, in the same survey, 83% of UK drivers did not believe themselves to be guilty of such offensive actions. Calm People is a stress management agency operating throughout the Midlands and has now joined together with the professional driver instruction company European Driver Training Ltd to provide education on how to keep your cool when pressures of the job might make one want to express oneself a little too obviously or when others are likewise engaged in venting their wrath in you, or your drivers direction.

As of the beginning of April a new one day “Keeping Calm on the Road” course has been authorised by the governing body that scrutinises and maintains standards in training for professional drivers. The course is authorised by the Joint Approvals Unit for Periodic Training (JAUPT) and delivers 7 hours Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) schooling for HGV and Bus Drivers. Existing Bus drivers have until 9th September 2014 to accrue the 35 hours over 5 hours in order to continue to drive whilst for HGV drivers the deadline is a further year away in 2015. Julian Hall of CalmPeople emphasised that this course is not simply about accumulating hours saying:

"We expect to have an impact on company image, sickness stats and morale. Registering drivers for this training shows a proper commitment from the employer. Working with European Driver Training was the best thing we could have done. Their expertise in delivering quality courses for drivers combined with our specialism in conflict, anger and stress is the perfect blend. We are really excited by this course.”

Nigel Grainger of European Driver Training Ltd believes the combined course offers a new level of HGV and Bus driver training by delivering life skills alongside the normal more formal instruction. Paula Backen of CalmPeople West Midlands had the idea for the course when she was discussing talking with a transport company client. She commented:

“I realised that there was a real need here to help drivers deal with the stresses and issues they face on the road. Of course, the skills we help them develop are transferable in to every part of their life. The whole community really deserves it. We expect to have an impact on company image, sickness stats and morale. Registering drivers for this training shows a proper commitment from the employer, any company that values their drivers as an asset will be interested in this and the initial feedback we have had is excellent”

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