Friday, August 7, 2009

Road Haulage - Truck theft rises as recession bites

Goods vehicles are proving soft targets for criminal gangs
Shipping News Feature

UK - The Road Haulage Association and drivers website Truckersworld have both commented on the reported increase in theft from parked vehicles which seems, as in previous recessions, to mirror criminal behaviour in times of economic stress.

There has been an increase of over 60% in reported thefts from vehicles parked, usually overnight, often whilst the drivers slept in the cab. This type of crime can become more serious if the driver wakes and challenges the offenders.

Geoff Dunning, Road Haulage Association CEO, said: “It is believed to cost the economy some £250 million a year, and unless action is taken that cost will be passed on to consumers,” He also stated that the value of actual goods stolen by truck thieves in 2008 equated to £84 million.

Truckersworld, which represents the views of thousands of lorry drivers, is lobbying ministers to improve overnight parking facilities countrywide for the protection of workers and their vehicles.

Police sources stated that “organized criminal gangs” were behind the bulk of the robberies.