Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Rising Cargo Theft Levels Spawns Land Based Security System

Multimodal Coverage for Freight on the Move
Shipping News Feature

DENMARK – WORLDWIDE – Bowing to the inevitability of multimodality, as we reported last month in our weekly round-up, Risk Intelligence A/S has launched its latest product, LandRisk, for the security of cargoes transported ashore, rather than at sea or in port.

LandRisk is the third module in the Risk Intelligence System product suite which also includes MaRisk and PortRisk and is aimed at companies involved in land-based transportation and end-to-end supply chains and logistics. The move has been prompted by ever rising cases of freight crimes ashore and is the latest stage in the company’s Growth Plan for 2020, set out as a development goal at the IPO in August 2018, to offer end-to-end supply chain security risk intelligence.

LandRisk includes threat assessments by in-house analysts, dynamic 'hotspot' reporting, incident monitoring and reporting, a logistics route planning tool and 24/7 direct access to a duty watch team. Hans Tino Hansen, CEO of Risk Intelligence commented at the launch in Düsseldorf:

“We are proud to offer the market and our existing clients security risk intelligence and risk mitigation tools covering the supply chain end-to-end. The launch of LandRisk marks a major milestone in the Growth Plan for 2020.

”Launching LandRisk we are delivering on a commitment made to investors at the IPO in 2018. With the inclusion of LandRisk, we are addressing a market 20 times larger than our existing maritime markets and we have already witnessed considerable interest for the new product.”