Tuesday, January 5, 2010

RHIDES Freight Truck Drivers Identity Scheme Extended

From This Month Only Accredited Hauliers Can Enter Felixstowe Dock
Shipping News Feature

UK – Drivers wishing to enter the Port of Felixstowe from 25th January 2010 will have to be registered with the RHIDES scheme (Road Haulage Identity System). Without the suitable registration in place, and corresponding biometric check, it was already impossible to operate the self service access gates required when collecting shipping containers from the docks. From now any driver who is not a member of the scheme, so called “orphan” drivers, will need to register or they will receive a warning telling them they must be “adopted” by a company by the 25th January or entry will be impossible.

RHIDES warns companies that they should check that all their drivers have proper registration in place before the due date. The scheme, operated by Hutchison Ports (UK) Ltd is similar to many in use overseas and uses current technology to ensure the identity of collecting freight drivers at Thamesport and Felixstowe.

Any company who wish to register should do so on the website well in advance of arranging collection of containers from the ports involved in the scheme. For already registered companies to adopt a driver who has the necessary biometric card the process is simple and involves the haulier logging on to RHIDES and following the Master Data – Driver link, clicking “New” and entering the drivers card number and confirmation.