Wednesday, December 9, 2009

RHA Disappointed By More Fuel Price Increases For Truckers

Diesel Hike Yet Again Will Affect Britain's Hauliers
Shipping News Feature

UK - The Road Haulage Association expressed strong disappointment that the Chancellor has chosen to go ahead with another above-inflation increase in diesel duty. The rise next April will be the fourth since last December - in which time duty has risen by 16% in as many months.

"This has been a stunning series of increases in the depth of a recession” said RHA Chief Executive Geoff Dunning.

“Duty amounts to a 25% tax on the operation of this essential service and will drive up transport costs for UK industry and retailers, reducing UK competitiveness and increasing prices for the general public.

"Transport companies will have no alternative but to pass on the further duty increase to their customers - and we would urge the industry's customers to recognise the need to pay sustainable haulage rates”.

The RHA noted the continuation of the Enterprise Finance Guarantee scheme, for which the road haulage sector is eligible following its strong representations in January this year, and other measures to support smaller businesses.

The RHA will engage with the Treasury over minor changes to the VED scheme, which are required under EU rules following the decline in the value of sterling against the euro.