Monday, August 24, 2009

RHA Campaigns for Rise in Transport Rates

Road Haulage Firms Under Pressure from Swingeing Cost Increases
Shipping News Feature

UK – In a statement issued on Friday the Road Haulage Association stepped up its campaign for an across the board rise in rates for British trucking firms.

The organization blames the Government squarely for the parlous state of the industry, illustrating the rise in fuel duty which, it says, will mean by next April the cost of a gallon of diesel will have risen 16% in nine months.

Whilst car drivers often have the option to alternative forms of transport or lower mileages this cannot be said of commercial hauliers. Faced with the double whammy of rising costs and shrinking demand for their services, it is inevitable that many road transport companies will not survive the recession without increasing their charges to customers.

A strongly worded RHA statement points out, “The duty on diesel is a key cost element, accounting for 20% of the total operating cost of a 44-tonne lorry. To put it another way, duty is now a 25% tax on the operation of the road transport element of the supply chain of British industry

“The duty increase is being imposed on top of a 4.5 pence a litre rise in the commodity price of diesel since the spring Budget – when the Chancellor predicted that energy prices would fall!

“The haulage industry knows the difficulties facing many of its customers. But hauliers must have haulage rates that are sustainable. Customers who object should focus their attention on Treasury ministers who are fuelling cost inflation, not on transport firms struggling to survive.”