Friday, October 11, 2013

Reefer Shipping Line Joins with Fruit Group to Offer Container and Cold Chain Logistics Services

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Shipping News Feature

NETHERLANDS – CHILE – SOUTH AMERICA – Dutch shipping group Seatrade, which runs a fleet of around 100 refrigerated vessels, together with fruit exporters Pacific Seaways, its main Chilean based customer, have joined forces to create Global Reefers NV, a new company which is to focus on supplying reefers and cold chain container services for fruit exporters in Chile, Peru and Colombia. The two companies, which have a business relationship going back over 20 years, launched the new business earlier this month in Valparaiso and both will be equally represented on the board of the new venture. Pacific Seaways CEO, Francisco Labarca, has been appointed as Global Reefers’ Managing Director and he said:

"The connection between these companies is to operate in a new and unique way, making fruit and shipping industries work together to provide the best transportation alternatives for fruit products. The frost that affected agriculture in our country will have an impact on Chilean volumes and has once again focused attention on the need for appropriately sized vessels at the right time and in the quantity required. [The arrangement with] Seatrade gives us unique flexibility to meet these times of uncertainty in export volumes.”

Seatrade’s Belgian CEO, Yntze Buitenwerf said that this latest development went ‘hand in hand’ with the growth of the company’s customers, providing it with a platform which offered more opportunities to invest in the business of reefers. By expanding services to include a range of producers of different sizes the new company presumably intends to maintain higher standards assisted by economies of scale. In a joint statement, Seatrade and Pacific Seaways executives said the new company reinforces the common goal of ensuring reliable logistics services to exporters in fast, direct transport of fruit for the future.