Friday, July 26, 2019

Recycling Plastic Pallet Pledge Sees 'Staggering' Results

Scheme Reported to be Particularly Successful
Shipping News Feature
UK – has recorded what it says are 'staggering' recycling figures for the first half of 2019. Since making its Recycling pledge in February this year, promising to recover and recycle all of the plastic pallets and boxes it supplies to customers, the company has recycled 124 tonnes of plastic waste. In the current climate wooden pallets are normally seen as more environmentally acceptable and this tactic gives new life to an industry otherwise likely to be frowned upon in future years.

The plastic waste processed by the scheme includes used or unwanted plastic pallets, pallet boxes and smaller containers and trays, which are recovered by and taken to its partner’s recycling factory in Belgium. Here the products are washed together with domestic plastic waste, then ground into granules and reused to make the next wave of high quality long life plastic pallets and boxes. Jim Hardisty, Managing Director of, said:

“I couldn’t be happier with the response we’ve had from customers following the launch of our recycling pledge. The 124 tonnes of plastic we have recycled to date is enough to produce over 7,500 new medium duty pallets; pallets that have a working life of up to 10 times longer than a wooden pallet. The support we’ve received from customers has been quite overwhelming and we hope to get even more customers on board with our Recycling pledge in the second half of 2019.

“The whole team has really got behind our Recycling pledge, which has been very satisfying to see. Ultimately our mission is to help our customers create more sustainable supply chains by providing long lasting, reusable plastic pallets and boxes and ensuring they are responsibly recycled at the end of their use. We ensure we do this by issuing each customer who places an order with us Our Recycling Commitment certificate, which states our recycling guarantee.”

In announcing its recycling pledge earlier this year, Goplasticpallets said that in 2018 the Environment Agency certified the company as an Accredited Exporter of plastic packaging waste. A year on, the company set itself the ambitious target of recycling 350 tonnes of plastic waste from its customers’ used plastic pallets and boxes by the end of 2019.

96% of the plastic pallets Goplasticpallets supplies are made from recycled materials. Just 4% are produced from virgin material which is recommended for ultra-hygienic environments, for instance some food and pharmaceutical products.