Thursday, January 27, 2011

Recruitment In Shipping And Logistics - Jobs Still Available Say Freight Firms

UK Industry Still Seeking the Right People Despite Recession
Shipping News Feature

UK – Shipping and Forwarding is still the industry for those with the right qualifications according to one of the country’s leading operators. Despite the economic doom and gloom Davies Turner group chairman Philip Stephenson says school leavers and graduates looking to take their first career moves in the logistics industry have again been attracted to his company. Despite the influx of well qualified, fresh faced youngsters however other supply chain specialists still seek the right candidates for more senior jobs. Stephenson says:

"Summer and autumn are the best times to recruit graduates and high-flying school leavers to our organization and the 2010 candidates were particularly strong - we were surprised both by the number and the standard of the many applications. The most recent trainees have joined us at an exciting time as global recovery powers the freight industry and we are preparing to expand further our portfolio of services for UK exporters and importers."

The trainee scheme is in operation nationwide at Davies Turner's main hubs. The successful applicants are between 18 and 24 and have been recruited from appropriate websites, as well as training and educational establishments. The full programme lasts two years, and participants spend time in all operating divisions as well as Davies Turner Air Cargo and group accounts.

Whilst Davies Turner say they offer the promise of a rapid rise into management for the right candidates it seems middle management and senior staff are harder to come by. DHL are still seeking suitable staff to develop their expanding road freight network (APPLY HERE) and indeed even the Handy Shipping Guide is struggling to find suitable sales staff in several countries, including the UK (we shall be including a Job Board within the Directory in the very near future with opportunities for those who have recruitment requirements).

Meanwhile Mr Stephenson is more than happy that the way to ensure high quality senior staff is to train them yourself wherever practical whilst ensuring those already in place are encouraged by ongoing in house training. He concludes:

"To me, the success of our scheme will be the number of trainees who remain with us after their two years induction is complete. We have an enviable track record here - on a recent visit to our Dartford terminal, I recognised several members of staff in key positions who joined us as trainees over ten years ago. In the past we have had traditional apprenticeships but have now made our training more professional with in-depth courses based both on our in-house resources and those accredited by BIFA. We are in no way neglecting our current staff and have increased training at all levels in the company. Customer service quality depends on the expertise and professionalism of all our personnel."

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