Thursday, September 10, 2009

Record Shipment for UK Luxury Yacht Specialist

Five vessels in one go to Far East
Shipping News Feature

UK - Specialist marine shipper Peters & May Ltd recently arranged what is believed to be the single largest shipment of luxury UK built motor yachts on Maersk Line's Rotterdam to Far East route. Five boats with a combined value of £10 million made up the consignment and are to be delivered to customers in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Gerald Price, Marine Director at Peters & May, commented: ‘Over many years we have earned a reputation for safe and secure transport of valuable cargo and the UK's major motor yacht builders entrust us with their high value super yachts. A key benefit of using Peters & May for complex shipments is that we are able to use our own professionally trained load masters to oversee loading and discharge.’

Peters & May Ltd has been shipping boats, yachts and associated marine peripherals since 1988. The firm currently ships 8,000 vessels worldwide on an annual basis, though has seen business fall off in recent years due to the economic climate.

Mr. Price went on to say that:

‘As the company that probably ships the majority of UK new builds overseas, we saw global movements rapidly fall from late 2008 until recently. However, we have seen some signs of an upturn in boats going into SE Asia from various parts of the world - either to dealerships or directly to clients.’