Monday, October 22, 2018

Read in Detail What the Logistics Industry Says About Multimodal Transport with the EU Post Brexit

Opinions of Freight, Road Haulage, Rail and Shipping Sectors in Submissions to House of Lords
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UK – Over the past few months a succession of some of Britain's biggest companies, as well as a wide range of trade associations, have been submitting their own opinions on the Brexit conundrum to the political powers that be. The views expressed include formal written submissions to the House of Lords EU Internal Market Sub-Committee from logistics operations and the likes of the UK Chamber of Shipping, the Road Haulage Association (RHA), the Freight Transport Association (FTA), the Rail Delivery and Rail Freight Groups as well as such as DPD and Wincanton.

Now it is possible to read in detail what each has specified as what they see as priorities as well as potential pitfalls and complexities in future UK-EU transport arrangements for multimodal freight and passenger traffic by accessing the relevant documents directly.

Views across the industry are pretty well synonymous with operations such as Britain’s largest logistics firm, Wincanton, pointing out once again for example that the UK carries as standard only 5 day’s supply of food. Obviously Border problems could upset the status quo and cause chaos.

The UK Chamber of Shipping, whilst demonstrating the ocean cargo may be little affected, utters concerns for the £6 billion trade which the UK has with the EU via short sea routes and RoRo ferries. The FTA and RHA submissions concentrate on these same concerns from the perspective of the transport operators which deal directly with these particular sectors.

For anyone with a vested interest in the future of a specific area of UK-EU trade these submissions demonstrate clearly the views of those at the very heart of any particular piece of the logistics jigsaw, and a short article, such as this one, can never cover in depth the wide variety of views and multimodal specifics a reader might require.

The full range of documents can therefore be accessed HERE by scrolling down to the ‘Written Evidence’ paragraph and clicking the ‘View All’ link.

Photo: The industry is concerned that the Channel Ports could become clogged with vehicles dogged by Border problems.